We have been travelling the world for over 25 years, never knowing quite what we are looking for but knowing if it made people happy we would bring it home to show them.


We weren't interested in buying things everyone else already had and we didn't want to buy soullessly without considering the people that made the products. We established fair trading with craftsmen and researched sustainable sources long before it became a global issue.


With a love of vintage, but an eye for modern treasures, our finds have been a constant blend of old and new, bringing together traditional skills and contemporary design.




Originally we started with a shop in Brighton, England, followed by one in Lewes. We soon found others shared our love of great quality products and our enthusiasm for traditional crafts with new designs. This encouraged us to continue and discover more for our customers who soon became our friends.


With a true love of the sea we finally established our base in our dream location by the shores of the Mediterranean in Spain. Firstly no.30 in Gata was opened and once we realised this area would be our lifelong home, we launched Indigo, a gallery and shop in the beautiful bay of Javea, in 2008. Our desire to keep evolving led us to opening a second shop/cafe, Casa Indigo, also in the port of Javea. Located in one of the old fisherman's cottages, this original building holds a special place in local people's hearts.

We are now embarking on a new exciting venture. We love restoring traditional Mediterranean properties and we are now offering two beachside apartments for holiday rentals in our signature Indigo style.


We like to think our discoveries make people happy. Whether they are local and living in our community or whether they have travelled far to find us..

Make happy those who are near and those who are far will come